Tuesday, 20 September 2011


         I'm back with yet another sweet memory of my life. There has been some gap between my last post and this post due to the never ending mid examinations in my college. We are not yet done with the exams though, but due to the series of Telangana holidays, I got time to spend on this.

         There is a custom in engineering colleges that seniors should give freshers to juniors. I flabbergasted when our seniors denied giving us fresher’s party due to a footling reason in which we were not involved! My friends in the other colleges telling about experience of their freshers party added fuel to the fire and I was green with envy. “Who the hell are they (our seniors) to give us freshers!”  I thought and so, we ourselves had arranged one party and had fun. Though I was positive, some where deep inside my heart there was a pain that we were not given fresher’s party. Unlike our seniors we wanted to continue the tradition(lucky juniors!) and we gave them the party in cuba pub, banjarahills just before the 2nd internals of our 2 – 2. The event was named as elixir which means, a substance which is usually a liquid, with a magical power to cure the ills.
        The day came and we were supposed to reach by 10 a.m. Ritu and I were the first ones to reach the place. As we were the opening hosts, we were excited and so reached early. Soon every one started coming and by 11’o clock the event was started. The pub was spacious enough for us and it had an amazing dance floor. I was hosting for the first time and I was rather much excited. The atmosphere was very much colorful and I felt happy to see all my classmates outside the college that too in a single place, pub (oh my god!) for having fun which was very much exotic. I could see every one was boisterous and it was a great sight to watch. The event started with intro where juniors gave their introduction, gave roses to their friends and crushes. It was followed by lunch. I was done with my anchoring after first two hours and it was superb,an  awesome experience.

       During the lunch every one was busy in chit chatting and taking photos. After the lunch there were some interesting contests for juniors like paper dance etc and the most awaiting part, dj started soon after the events. Every one started moving their feet around. Unity, which never featured in my class except during bunking: P appeared on that day in every one with the motto to enjoy to the fullest. I basically love dancing and I literally went mad that day. It was during dj I felt every one broke their ice and there was no discrimination at all; for the first time, I loved my class. I almost danced with every one.When we were panting after dancing with high spirits for some time, we relaxed for a while having soft drinks and went back dancing. Sahil and I dancing with Sushmitha (visually challenged) is unforgettable. The dance which I did sitting on the Srinavas’s shoulders and the couple dance with Meghnath are some other memorable moments. In fact every second of that day was memorable and is very much fresh in my memory. At the end of dj every one was drenched with sweat. The dj was followed by the presentation of gifts, mementos and the prestigious Mr. Fresher and Miss fresher. It followed by a photo session of  juniors and seniors. At last, every one left from the place with all the aches to the legs due to continuous dancing.The event was impeccable and a grand success. Though the event was ephemeral, it became a long lasting memory in my life.

       Dedicated to the folks of ECE’09 batch.