Sunday, 16 June 2013


       Every student would have been told by his/her lecturers in Intermediate that it was the life deciding year and if you work hard now, you need not work harder in Engineering which is crap. I just followed their words that time and worked hard, wanted to get into a top NIT or IIT but at last got into JNTU. Parents were happy, relatives were happier and every one told me that your life is settled. The release of the movie “Happy Days” (Telugu movie) during my intermediate increased my expectations about life in Engineering by a few more notches. I was under the impression that I will form a gang similar to that of the movie, have fun and at last get a job in the final year.
           After experiencing the very strict, closed gate inter college; JNTU appeared like a heaven to me. Soon I was introduced to the jargon of Engineering and afflicted with a virus like word called “light”. I started taking things for granted and punctuality went for a toss. I did not know that these things were happening. I could not really perform well on the stage in the one and only one public speaking session I had in English lab,  I was also rejected in the first round(gd it was) of interview to get into a student organization in my first year. Slowly I began to understand the areas I needed to improve after seeing the students outside. Transformation became mandatory for me when I went to a class (outside JNTU though) one hour late. I was not allowed to enter that class unlike in JNTU which is when enlightenment along with the retrospection of my behavior in JNTU started. I am glad these incidents happened to me very early in my Engineering because of which my life took a turn then and there. I stopped taking things for granted, started talking to people in buses I traveled.  I stay in one corner of the city, the college is in the other corner and so, I had to spend around one-fifth of a day in r.t.c. buses. This was one of the things I was not really comfortable with initially, but with the shift in the way I started to see the things bus became a platform for me with innumerable new people to talk to and observe. This activity of mine was not just entertaining but it made me lose fear of talking to new people. It also made me improve the ways of handling people. 
         With the new set of skills that I acquired, I could do certain things for which college is not really conducive. One among them was I formed a team of people to talk only in English which I feel is worth mentioning. It was very difficult to make everyone do that initially but slowly every one co-operated. This small activity has been a part of us for almost 3 years by now. It really had helped us gain an edge in the placements. In fact the communication skills I acquired, optimistic attitude I formed in the college along with the logical ability I already had right from my childhood made me get into a company named DELOITTE which has recruited people purely on the basis of communication skills. I got a gang which is not really similar to that of the gang in the movie I was talking about but a better one according to me and we had an amazing fun in the college. I got placed as well and with that my mission is accomplished!
         My life in JNTU was full of unlearning many things and learning a few things. I am glad I got into this college and not the colleges I aimed for in my intermediate because I don’t think I would have got much time to think and the freedom to do the things I wanted to do which I got in JNTU. The time I got to think in the college made me realize my abilities and understand what I really want to do with my life. The attitude that I formed in the college is something I am really proud of and for me it was the key that made the difference. I was like a plant which was shifted to the garden (JNTU) in Engineering. These four years made me grow into a strong mini tree and is now ready to get shifted from the garden to the forest (real world). The fact that college is over is making me feel nostalgic and at the same time making me feel excited to face the challenges in the real world.


Sunday, 8 April 2012



       It has been a long time since I penned an article as this semester (3-2) being very hectic with many things to do. Although hectic, it is good to be busy. New things are getting added to my hectic schedule. ICC 2012 is one among them.

       For the benefit of readers I would like to explain what an ICC 2012 is. ICC 2012 is Inter Collegiate Conference which was held in CBIT from April 5th to 7th.  It was a model united nations where each delegate was given one country to represent.

       Well, even I was unaware of this kind of an event until a few days back when my friend Sahil Kaul has first told me about it. Later Manish also explained me a little about it. The moment they told me about it, I had decided to attend it. I got to represent the country Ecuador in that event which was my first mun and I received the call of allotment two days before the event. Soon I came to know about my country (Ecuador here: P) which is a very peaceful country. It has nothing related to the agenda of the council and so, I did not understand what to research. At last, I went to the mun with hardly any research.

      The day came and the moment I reached the registration desk I could see a few students holding laptops and discussing some articles no’s which was all Greek to me. I thought to myself that, “fuck! I didn’t prepare anything”. I consoled myself that they must be experienced munners. Soon the inauguration started. CBIT principal and faculty addressed the gathering. I can see the college management support to their students in encouraging innovative ideas and I was green with envy. :(

       The morning session started with chair enquiring about the first timers of mun. I could see considerable no of hands raised which made me feel better. I was nervous that I will be forced to speak and later I understood that no one will even give a damn about the country Ecuador. The actual villains Israel, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, DPRK were the most concerned countries to every one as they had to speak more because of their extraordinary activities. I observed the morning session carefully and decided to speak in the afternoon session. But given the no of delegates in the council and the burning issues that were being discussed I got a chance to speak at last. I gave a typical Gandhi kind of speech which received an unexpected reaction with every one supporting my views by hitting the wooden handle of chair. The speech I made for the first time in the council has raised my confidence level.

     My performance improved day by day. The second day had a surprise crisis. The sessions became so interested that I voted against for the motion to adjourn the session to go for the lunch although I was hungry. On day three we had to pass a resolution which was passed with Russian federation delegate Manish being so pissed off with the clause 3 of the resolution (I am talking about DISEC).

     Over all the MUN was fabulous with lights of elegant speakers like Zahaan Khan (DISEC) and Varun Munjuluri (CTC) which was like a double bonanza obtained for all of us when both DISEC and CTC were clubbed. Particularly the way Zahaan spoke, presented the Pakistan was a feast to watch and it is inexplicable.  I was very inspired and he made me understand the level to which we can gain general knowledge. ICC 2012 was a conference of brain storming, high class debating and proper organizing team.

    Finally, I would like to conclude this article by thanking CBIT organizing team for conducting this and introducing MUN culture to Hyderabad, every delegate who has attended. I would specially like to thank Sahil and Manish with out whom I would not have known about this event. Love you guys.


Monday, 16 January 2012


  Life is a lonely journey a person is ought to do but with an unknown destination which has to be explored and reached. The roads of life are rather smooth some times and rough in the tough times. Every thing happens in a jiffy in life. You never know what happens in the mere future. Life takes sudden turns at times.
     The year 2011 was one of its kind and it turned out to be one of the most fascinating and unforgettable years of my life. That was the year where my priorities have changed a lot causing a lot of transformations, many eye-opening incidents took place which strengthened my attitude, explored some hidden qualities of mine, unlearned quite a few things, got answers to a few questions which I always wondered, new things added to my list of hobbies, converted into a non-vegetarian which is an acquired taste and so on. 
     With my experience I figured out that life is a very bad master which teaches us a lesson out of pain. So, I decided not to give life many chances to teach and to avoid the pain started learning the lessons from others' lives and there by reviving my zeal to learn things which I lost after entering into B. Tech life. Sounds funny but it works. Subtle change in the thinking has created a huge difference there by reducing pain regarding certain aspects.
     There are a few things in which I lost interest like bursting the crackers and chatting in mobile phone which obviously made me stay away from them. The life without mobile is also better. It saves a lot of time :). Well, I am not going to die of radiation for sure: D. I was like a perfect Hyderabadi few months back who do not have the habit of getting up early in the morning, who don’t give a damn about what is going around the world, reading meant only the academic books before, articles meant only the ones of the grammar but now things have changed and I have turned over a new leaf. I got used to getting up early now because of my cat classes which was a nightmare before. I am elated at my adaptability. Novel reading, blogging aroused a new interest in me and they have become my new hobbies. I am having loads of fun reading novels and doing thought-provoking things like writing. In fact, reading and writing have improved my thought process to a greater extent, broadened the mindset like a horn antenna. I feel that reading and writing should be encouraged at school level which is missing in most of the schools.

         All in all, 2011 has brought many positive changes and made me wreath with smiles and creating even more excitement about 2012. There is a rumour that 2012 is going be the end of the world and there is a movie on that as well but I believe that it is just the new beginning. After all, life is all about living with a hope of having a better life in the future. Thanks to all my friends, family and every one who were part of my life in 2011 for making it a spectacular year with loads of memories to cherish.


Sunday, 6 November 2011


            Every person in the world will have manias of some sort or the other in his/her life. Mania can be anything a person is highly obsessed with. It can be either for a person, place, food or a thing. It varies from  person to person according to their tastes; it varies with time, age of a person and the environment in which he was brought up. Of all the manias of life, the ones of childhood are rather puerile, immoderate and extremely squeaky-clean compared to other phases of life.
            Even I have had many such manias in my child-hood. The very first thought of them cracks a smile on my face. The first thing which fascinated me was‘Tom and Jerry’ show on cartoon network channel. I used to watch each and every episode of it and guffaw with delight at the sight of the way Jerry escapes from Tom. Slowly I got addicted to the other shows like Popeye, Richie Rich etc on CN and Mr. Bean on Pogo; they became my favorite channels. I was so crazy about Popeye character that, I started eating raw curry leaves thinking that it was spinach and used to imitate him by showing off my muscles and singing the title song of that show. 

           The days were passing and then came a new innovation in CN by name ‘Pokemon’. I instantly got connected to it and started adoring the show. I used to play cards of Pokemon, remember names and ranks of fauna of the show.Developers of the show raised the hype even more by  releasing tazos with cheetos(snacks) which made kids to buy them just for tazos. I used to get disappointed when I get a tazo which I already had and curse the manufacture of chetos. I made a huge collection of tazos and  used to play guessing-games with kids of my colony. I had a feeling that having more tazos as a great honor.

           Slowly the mania drifted to an even more exciting show ‘bey-blade’ which raised the madness to a different level. I remember myself buying an assembled bey-blade, competitions on roof of the buildings resembling the show with the bey-blades. It used to be a thrilling experience holding the launcher of bey-blade and imagining myself as Tyson (a character in the show). Apart from cartoons, I was a freak of W.W.E, cricket, video games, Maggi noodles which can be prepared in a jiff often served as break fast.
           The memories of myself playing cricket even in the hazy days of summer, earbashings from neighbors for breaking their glass windows, indoor games, loony things which I did and the touchy behavior I had are unforgettable. They all make me feel nostalgic and arouse a desire to pause in my present, go back to past and cherish all those moments.  
---- Vinay

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


         I'm back with yet another sweet memory of my life. There has been some gap between my last post and this post due to the never ending mid examinations in my college. We are not yet done with the exams though, but due to the series of Telangana holidays, I got time to spend on this.

         There is a custom in engineering colleges that seniors should give freshers to juniors. I flabbergasted when our seniors denied giving us fresher’s party due to a footling reason in which we were not involved! My friends in the other colleges telling about experience of their freshers party added fuel to the fire and I was green with envy. “Who the hell are they (our seniors) to give us freshers!”  I thought and so, we ourselves had arranged one party and had fun. Though I was positive, some where deep inside my heart there was a pain that we were not given fresher’s party. Unlike our seniors we wanted to continue the tradition(lucky juniors!) and we gave them the party in cuba pub, banjarahills just before the 2nd internals of our 2 – 2. The event was named as elixir which means, a substance which is usually a liquid, with a magical power to cure the ills.
        The day came and we were supposed to reach by 10 a.m. Ritu and I were the first ones to reach the place. As we were the opening hosts, we were excited and so reached early. Soon every one started coming and by 11’o clock the event was started. The pub was spacious enough for us and it had an amazing dance floor. I was hosting for the first time and I was rather much excited. The atmosphere was very much colorful and I felt happy to see all my classmates outside the college that too in a single place, pub (oh my god!) for having fun which was very much exotic. I could see every one was boisterous and it was a great sight to watch. The event started with intro where juniors gave their introduction, gave roses to their friends and crushes. It was followed by lunch. I was done with my anchoring after first two hours and it was superb,an  awesome experience.

       During the lunch every one was busy in chit chatting and taking photos. After the lunch there were some interesting contests for juniors like paper dance etc and the most awaiting part, dj started soon after the events. Every one started moving their feet around. Unity, which never featured in my class except during bunking: P appeared on that day in every one with the motto to enjoy to the fullest. I basically love dancing and I literally went mad that day. It was during dj I felt every one broke their ice and there was no discrimination at all; for the first time, I loved my class. I almost danced with every one.When we were panting after dancing with high spirits for some time, we relaxed for a while having soft drinks and went back dancing. Sahil and I dancing with Sushmitha (visually challenged) is unforgettable. The dance which I did sitting on the Srinavas’s shoulders and the couple dance with Meghnath are some other memorable moments. In fact every second of that day was memorable and is very much fresh in my memory. At the end of dj every one was drenched with sweat. The dj was followed by the presentation of gifts, mementos and the prestigious Mr. Fresher and Miss fresher. It followed by a photo session of  juniors and seniors. At last, every one left from the place with all the aches to the legs due to continuous dancing.The event was impeccable and a grand success. Though the event was ephemeral, it became a long lasting memory in my life.

       Dedicated to the folks of ECE’09 batch.  

Sunday, 21 August 2011


       I was a student who had never been away from parents staying in the hostel till my intermediate first year. I used to have a feeling that the students studying in the hostels will have ample time left with them as they need not travel up and down from home to college. In the intermediate second year I got a chance among the so called “peer batch” of my class to stay in hostel. Our principle Baji sir showed us a movie of future and the facilities we are  gonna get in hostel  which consisted of most amusing thing  in the form of results which he was expecting us to get. It made us think of utilizing the opportunity. Some were not interested to grab the opportunity so they dropped. As I used to have some assumptions I was very much excited to experience the hostel life. Although my parents insisted me that I can’t stay in hostel, I some how convinced them to let me go. The batch consisted of Anil, Narasimha, Kishore, vinay@bysani and I.
       The day came where we were told to report. We all reached the hostel at around 6 p.m. in the evening. We were given a separate room on the top floor. The hostel seemed to be empty as every one went to their home town for vacation. We had to eat for the first time on that night. It was not gourmet stuff. Though the college takes thousands of rupees in the name of fee, the quality of food in the hostel is no where in proportion to the fees they take. We got up very early the next day as in the intermediate hostel, the class starts at 6 a.m. in the morning unlike day scholar campus. I usually don’t get up early but out of excitement or as I was with friends, I could manage to get up by 5o’ clock without much ado. We got ready and reached the ground floor to the class and to our surprise no one turned up to the class. We waited outside the class sitting on the chairs for some time and then came to know that there is no college as most of the students did not report yet. None of us had experienced hostel life before so we had no idea that the students who went to their hometowns won’t report on time, regretted ourselves for being punctual:P. We then went to our room blaming our campus principal who made us report early. Although we did not know any one in hostel, many students know us that we are new to the campus. Some used to come to our room and talk to us their views and stories of the hostel.
      The next day I did not get up by myself like the first day. There’s one fellow like an alarm who keeps on knocking the door continuously like the chimes of church bell untill we get up. I went to the class late by 5min to the maths class which was going on in the morning and a few students turned up this day. Maths which used to be most interesting for me became boring as I was drowsy. The students are good at Physics which roused interest in me which never happened with me before.
      Vinay@bysani‘s home was near to the hostel so he used to go home after the study hours in the night and come back in the morning. Narsimha was skeptic right from the beginning whether he can adjust in the hosel which later proved out to be correct. He got fever after two days. This made us discuss every night whether we should continue staying in the hostel. Anil, one among our batch was an entertainer. Without him we would have got bored in the hostel I guess. Kishore was the only person who got adjusted properly. He and his fights with Anil made narsimha and I laugh till our bellies busted. Anil wearing 3/4th pant for the class created hype, made him a popular guy in the hostel. The ice cream which we had in the midnight at around 12 o clock was memorable. The amazing communication between the students of hostel and the ice cream vendor from the class room window was laudable. These all incidents all still fresh in my memory
      We had a lot of fun but having fun was not the purpose at all. Apart from studying we did everything. At last after a week we decided that hostel is not the right place for us, wanted to go back to our old campus. We know that if we inform this to the hostel principal he will try to convince and stop us. More over he is new to us. So we did not want to get struck in the hostel itself by telling truth. Instead we went to him and asked for an outing saying that we were homesick (which was not true at all ;)). We went to home and straight away met our campus principal the following day and told our opinion. He tried convincing us by showing one more movie but we did not believe, became adamant regarding this hostel matter. We knew what we were doing and so he could not persuade us this time. From the next day we continued to sit in our campus. The one week of hostel life was like a tour for us. It made my assumptions go wrong. The decision we took was proved out to be right later on. It makes me feel happy and proud of myself when I recall these incidents. The guts and the maturity we showed in taking decisions without involving the parents anywhere in that age in appreciable. One thing that I liked about that hostel life is having friends along with me.
       Dedicated to the folks narsimha, bysu, anil and kishore. Thank you so much guys for making that week memorable in my life.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


   Bus, a three letter word in which I spent 20% of my day in travelling for the past two years and I'm yet to travel two more years. So my bus journey has a significant importance in my life as I spend a considerable amount of time in it.
It is in my 7th standard that I actually started to go by buses. School was at 2kms distance from my home then. A similar kind of journey continued in my intermediate as well. The 2kms distance has now increased to almost 35 kms in btech. All the btech colleges are generally in the out skirts and this distance is quite common to every one but my college JNTU HYDERABAD is not situated in outskirts though but on one corner of the city. My house Is situated in the other corner. Unlike other colleges I have to cross all the busiest areas of city in order to reach my college. We don’t have a college bus either:(:(. It would have been a lot better if I had a college bus. I tried to go by mmts too but it didn’t suit me. So rtc is the only option left for me. “What the hell!” I thought in the beginning but slowly got used to that abaddon.

    During intermediate, even though I got a seat in bus I used to enjoy standing on the last step of foot board. The cool breeze playing with my hair made it ever more thrilling. I didn’t know the value of getting seat then. Now getting a seat in the congested buses gives a sign of relief and makes me feel as if I’m blessed with a great favor when compared to ones who are standing. I prefer a seated journey to a standing journey. If I’m in a hurry to go, I’m forced to go standing. There are a million bus bays, signals, traffic jams in my route to keep a check to the speed of the buses. Above all, the smoke ejected by the vehicles, din of traffic jam makes the journey even more awful.

   Though there are many disgusting things which create irritation, there are a few sweet memories of  my bus journeys as well. In my 1st year of engg I used to have my friends accompanying my journey. It is always fun having friends with you in bus. It was in 2-1 and 2-2 when I wanted to unlearn some fears of mine, started talking to strangers in the bus during my journey instead of sitting idle, making my journey interesting. Soon I got used to travel alone though I din't have any company. It not only made me lose fear to talk to strangers but also transformed me into a person who likes talking to new people and who loves reading people’s mind.
    It is fun watching interesting characters and some times beautiful girls in the bus or bus bays who are of immense shortage in our college:P They add value to my journey as well as to the count of my crushes:D
   As I’m engaged in some new tasks now, during my journey I’m not poking the strangers much in 3-1 but I miss those bus journeys a lot which filled a lot of energies in me.
   Finally, I would like to end this post by expressing my gratitude to the bus drives, conductors and people whom I met in the buses which I boarded for making my bus journey safe, interesting.