Sunday, 6 November 2011


            Every person in the world will have manias of some sort or the other in his/her life. Mania can be anything a person is highly obsessed with. It can be either for a person, place, food or a thing. It varies from  person to person according to their tastes; it varies with time, age of a person and the environment in which he was brought up. Of all the manias of life, the ones of childhood are rather puerile, immoderate and extremely squeaky-clean compared to other phases of life.
            Even I have had many such manias in my child-hood. The very first thought of them cracks a smile on my face. The first thing which fascinated me was‘Tom and Jerry’ show on cartoon network channel. I used to watch each and every episode of it and guffaw with delight at the sight of the way Jerry escapes from Tom. Slowly I got addicted to the other shows like Popeye, Richie Rich etc on CN and Mr. Bean on Pogo; they became my favorite channels. I was so crazy about Popeye character that, I started eating raw curry leaves thinking that it was spinach and used to imitate him by showing off my muscles and singing the title song of that show. 

           The days were passing and then came a new innovation in CN by name ‘Pokemon’. I instantly got connected to it and started adoring the show. I used to play cards of Pokemon, remember names and ranks of fauna of the show.Developers of the show raised the hype even more by  releasing tazos with cheetos(snacks) which made kids to buy them just for tazos. I used to get disappointed when I get a tazo which I already had and curse the manufacture of chetos. I made a huge collection of tazos and  used to play guessing-games with kids of my colony. I had a feeling that having more tazos as a great honor.

           Slowly the mania drifted to an even more exciting show ‘bey-blade’ which raised the madness to a different level. I remember myself buying an assembled bey-blade, competitions on roof of the buildings resembling the show with the bey-blades. It used to be a thrilling experience holding the launcher of bey-blade and imagining myself as Tyson (a character in the show). Apart from cartoons, I was a freak of W.W.E, cricket, video games, Maggi noodles which can be prepared in a jiff often served as break fast.
           The memories of myself playing cricket even in the hazy days of summer, earbashings from neighbors for breaking their glass windows, indoor games, loony things which I did and the touchy behavior I had are unforgettable. They all make me feel nostalgic and arouse a desire to pause in my present, go back to past and cherish all those moments.  
---- Vinay