Sunday, 8 April 2012



       It has been a long time since I penned an article as this semester (3-2) being very hectic with many things to do. Although hectic, it is good to be busy. New things are getting added to my hectic schedule. ICC 2012 is one among them.

       For the benefit of readers I would like to explain what an ICC 2012 is. ICC 2012 is Inter Collegiate Conference which was held in CBIT from April 5th to 7th.  It was a model united nations where each delegate was given one country to represent.

       Well, even I was unaware of this kind of an event until a few days back when my friend Sahil Kaul has first told me about it. Later Manish also explained me a little about it. The moment they told me about it, I had decided to attend it. I got to represent the country Ecuador in that event which was my first mun and I received the call of allotment two days before the event. Soon I came to know about my country (Ecuador here: P) which is a very peaceful country. It has nothing related to the agenda of the council and so, I did not understand what to research. At last, I went to the mun with hardly any research.

      The day came and the moment I reached the registration desk I could see a few students holding laptops and discussing some articles no’s which was all Greek to me. I thought to myself that, “fuck! I didn’t prepare anything”. I consoled myself that they must be experienced munners. Soon the inauguration started. CBIT principal and faculty addressed the gathering. I can see the college management support to their students in encouraging innovative ideas and I was green with envy. :(

       The morning session started with chair enquiring about the first timers of mun. I could see considerable no of hands raised which made me feel better. I was nervous that I will be forced to speak and later I understood that no one will even give a damn about the country Ecuador. The actual villains Israel, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, DPRK were the most concerned countries to every one as they had to speak more because of their extraordinary activities. I observed the morning session carefully and decided to speak in the afternoon session. But given the no of delegates in the council and the burning issues that were being discussed I got a chance to speak at last. I gave a typical Gandhi kind of speech which received an unexpected reaction with every one supporting my views by hitting the wooden handle of chair. The speech I made for the first time in the council has raised my confidence level.

     My performance improved day by day. The second day had a surprise crisis. The sessions became so interested that I voted against for the motion to adjourn the session to go for the lunch although I was hungry. On day three we had to pass a resolution which was passed with Russian federation delegate Manish being so pissed off with the clause 3 of the resolution (I am talking about DISEC).

     Over all the MUN was fabulous with lights of elegant speakers like Zahaan Khan (DISEC) and Varun Munjuluri (CTC) which was like a double bonanza obtained for all of us when both DISEC and CTC were clubbed. Particularly the way Zahaan spoke, presented the Pakistan was a feast to watch and it is inexplicable.  I was very inspired and he made me understand the level to which we can gain general knowledge. ICC 2012 was a conference of brain storming, high class debating and proper organizing team.

    Finally, I would like to conclude this article by thanking CBIT organizing team for conducting this and introducing MUN culture to Hyderabad, every delegate who has attended. I would specially like to thank Sahil and Manish with out whom I would not have known about this event. Love you guys.