Sunday, 17 July 2011


     I never used to think much about the issues I' m gonna tell now. I was very happy then .It was in these holidays, that I started to gain some general knowledge. I suffer from indigestion and frustration sometimes due to certain issues.There were quite a few things that were undigested, so spitting them on to my newly created blog.
      There is a saying that
 "a tree with a bitter seed,
           fed with butter and sugar,

           will still bear a bitter fruit."

I like this saying.This very well suits a country like Pakistan, who cultivated many bitter seeds in the name of Talibans many decades ago out of their selfishness. Now they've become trees and the fruits have turned against their creators which has made Pakistan one of the dangerous countries in the world. They created violence in the world  and the examples are twin tower attack ,the Mumbai blasts ,Hyderabad blasts and now again mumbai has seen a series of blasts. It is a very sad state of affair. Especially in India ,the terrorism  is increasing day by day and the blasts are the live examples to prove this. It is the responsibility of the Indian government to stop them and  the statement given by Rahul Gandhi that ,"it is very difficult to eradicate the terrorism in India", will make us understand the extent to which the terrorism has become a threat.
       Govt sucks to counter the terrorism.What it does as soon as the blasts occurs is , it increases the security and applies 143 section every where , checking of vehicles, ex gratia  to the victims ,the political leaders visit those places. It happens for a few days and slowly every one forgets it. Security exponentially decreases day by day and soon it becomes normal again. The measures taken are not endured and this is the reality.

       After the blasts took place near Ghokul Chat in hyderabad, it was closed for a few days. The owner of it some how using his influence  reopened it again. I love the food over there , I often visit the place and you know after the experience of blasts near it,they still won't realize the need of the tight security in that busy place. The security fellow din't even check  me when I went there recently. I got irritated and scolded him for his carelessness. I felt that the negligence on the part of individuals(politicians,police men,common people etc) who won't do their duties properly are responsible for all these blasts.While people are dying of poverty ,India is spending crores of rupees for Khasab (a criminal responsible for mumbai blasts) making him the hero instead of just  hanging him to death. I don' t understand why they do that.
     I use to think that when compared to other countries, we have a lot of  freedom but we are losing it day by day because of these incidents. There is a need of great and true leaders for India.When I say about true leaders I want to comment on the truthfulness of our current leaders who changed the meaning of the word politician. I get a feeling of politicians as a group of corrupted people sitting in the parliament or assembly eating people's money, truthful liars :P, great orators, gundas bla bla bla.I know that not every one is like that but the majority are like that only. If they are really truthful they won' t be against to the lokpal bill which will be a test for their truthfulness and when I say lokpal the person who comes to my mind is Anna Hazare, a diamond among stones, who is striving hard with his team of members for lokpal bill. India is full of corruption. Hope lokpal gets  implemented soon to screw the corrupted people and make India corruption free.

     The other challenge to India is increasing global warming.The peaks of Himalayas are melting very rapidly .Some of the reasons for it are deforestation,Industrialization. In the name of industrialization the agricultural lands are being converted into industries and farmers as laborers. There are few issues where you don' t really understand whether to be happy or sad. In the above mentioned issue I don't understand whether I should be happy that India is developing or sad that we will die of starvation in the future. The rapid increase in cost of food commodities is one of the consequences as of now. Pollution is increasing rapidly, air and water pollutions are the major ones. Ban of plastic is a saving grace. The mere passing of law is not enough.It should be implemented effectively.Again conditioned ban of plastic made the smile turn to tears.  
    If I keep on writing like this there won' t be any end for this post.

   I want to see India as a country free from terrorism,pollution,corruption and the hope that greenery shall prevail every where. This is my dream which I would like to present through my blog "MY DREAM WORLD". Hope the dreams come true.I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Saturday, 9 July 2011


There will be some things,incidents in the life,moments of joy which you cannot forget.When I recall them, especially  the moments of joy I'll feel very happy.I was thinking what to write and a few incidents struck my mind.

Here is an incident where joy continued for almost a week.

It was in the year 2010 when I was in 2-1 of my engineering.Extra curricular activities are given least preference in our so called "UNIVERSITY"   JNTU HYDERABAD known for its technological standards externally.This is one of the things I hate about my college.I always use to get a doubt that whether I will have some memorable incidents in this college.A ray of hope came  when we got a news  that there is some JNTU CEH formation day.On that occasion I got a chance to dance on stage after a gap of 2 and a half years.A week before the event rehearsals started.

On the first day my friend  Pavan and I went to the room where rehearsals were going on.We saw a person (choreographer was also there from which we understood that the event is not a small one,felt we were at the right place at the right time) teaching some dance steps for a Telugu song.We joined them and started following the steps.I felt very happy while dancing.After some time we were given some break
 and then I got a chance to meet some new seniors.Soon they became friends.When the choreographer was training girls we used to have rest.When you have a place to dance and some 10 fellows around you who are interested in dancing,who will sit idle? Even we dint .We used to create some new steps out of our creativity ,do them,learn some new steps from others,have fun by pulling each other legs.And I reached home at 10:30 in the night,with all the pains in the world to my legs because of continuous dancing after a long long time.

Normally when I try to sleep I won' t get immediately.And that day it din' t even take more than  a few seconds for me,I went to deep and had a sound sleep.In the morning I used to reach college by 2pm and on the name of rehearsals, we all used to meet in college.The choreographer concentrated more on gals and we had ample of time and there was no limit for the fun.My friend and I never ever attended classes regularly,punctually but for this we were quite opposite:). I feel that it is only when a person is doing things which he/she likes  you can see an angle of regularity,punctuality in him/her which you might not have seen it before.

The fun continued for a week like this.And the day came where we had to perform on stage .Event was on the evening while girls were doing final rehearsals, the choreographer still was telling us steps for the things which he left  few hours before the event (shows the care he took for gals...pervert fellow!) The event was a success and it followed by the dinner in front of administrative building and we started  at 10:45 pm in the college.

I  reached koti by 11:30 ,took a kulfi in ghokul chat  and started walking towards bus stop. Unlike morning there was no din of  traffic,no bustling sounds,the roads were almost empty. I was alone walking on the street of a busy place in the midnight,with kulfi in the hand and it was an amazing feeling,it was too good and i reached home at 12:15.

The event coordinator promised us to give participation certificates and there will be no one to put a fire on their ass, people in government college are very lazy that we got certificates after almost 4 or 5 months.
We were happy that we got a certificate from college prior to the normal certificate which we get after btech.

This is one of the incidents which made me understand that the things which you like will transform any person into a regular,punctual,passionate human being.I always prefer doing things which I 'm interested in.I'm still on the way of discovering myself.