Sunday, 16 June 2013


       Every student would have been told by his/her lecturers in Intermediate that it was the life deciding year and if you work hard now, you need not work harder in Engineering which is crap. I just followed their words that time and worked hard, wanted to get into a top NIT or IIT but at last got into JNTU. Parents were happy, relatives were happier and every one told me that your life is settled. The release of the movie “Happy Days” (Telugu movie) during my intermediate increased my expectations about life in Engineering by a few more notches. I was under the impression that I will form a gang similar to that of the movie, have fun and at last get a job in the final year.
           After experiencing the very strict, closed gate inter college; JNTU appeared like a heaven to me. Soon I was introduced to the jargon of Engineering and afflicted with a virus like word called “light”. I started taking things for granted and punctuality went for a toss. I did not know that these things were happening. I could not really perform well on the stage in the one and only one public speaking session I had in English lab,  I was also rejected in the first round(gd it was) of interview to get into a student organization in my first year. Slowly I began to understand the areas I needed to improve after seeing the students outside. Transformation became mandatory for me when I went to a class (outside JNTU though) one hour late. I was not allowed to enter that class unlike in JNTU which is when enlightenment along with the retrospection of my behavior in JNTU started. I am glad these incidents happened to me very early in my Engineering because of which my life took a turn then and there. I stopped taking things for granted, started talking to people in buses I traveled.  I stay in one corner of the city, the college is in the other corner and so, I had to spend around one-fifth of a day in r.t.c. buses. This was one of the things I was not really comfortable with initially, but with the shift in the way I started to see the things bus became a platform for me with innumerable new people to talk to and observe. This activity of mine was not just entertaining but it made me lose fear of talking to new people. It also made me improve the ways of handling people. 
         With the new set of skills that I acquired, I could do certain things for which college is not really conducive. One among them was I formed a team of people to talk only in English which I feel is worth mentioning. It was very difficult to make everyone do that initially but slowly every one co-operated. This small activity has been a part of us for almost 3 years by now. It really had helped us gain an edge in the placements. In fact the communication skills I acquired, optimistic attitude I formed in the college along with the logical ability I already had right from my childhood made me get into a company named DELOITTE which has recruited people purely on the basis of communication skills. I got a gang which is not really similar to that of the gang in the movie I was talking about but a better one according to me and we had an amazing fun in the college. I got placed as well and with that my mission is accomplished!
         My life in JNTU was full of unlearning many things and learning a few things. I am glad I got into this college and not the colleges I aimed for in my intermediate because I don’t think I would have got much time to think and the freedom to do the things I wanted to do which I got in JNTU. The time I got to think in the college made me realize my abilities and understand what I really want to do with my life. The attitude that I formed in the college is something I am really proud of and for me it was the key that made the difference. I was like a plant which was shifted to the garden (JNTU) in Engineering. These four years made me grow into a strong mini tree and is now ready to get shifted from the garden to the forest (real world). The fact that college is over is making me feel nostalgic and at the same time making me feel excited to face the challenges in the real world.