Sunday, 7 August 2011


   Bus, a three letter word in which I spent 20% of my day in travelling for the past two years and I'm yet to travel two more years. So my bus journey has a significant importance in my life as I spend a considerable amount of time in it.
It is in my 7th standard that I actually started to go by buses. School was at 2kms distance from my home then. A similar kind of journey continued in my intermediate as well. The 2kms distance has now increased to almost 35 kms in btech. All the btech colleges are generally in the out skirts and this distance is quite common to every one but my college JNTU HYDERABAD is not situated in outskirts though but on one corner of the city. My house Is situated in the other corner. Unlike other colleges I have to cross all the busiest areas of city in order to reach my college. We don’t have a college bus either:(:(. It would have been a lot better if I had a college bus. I tried to go by mmts too but it didn’t suit me. So rtc is the only option left for me. “What the hell!” I thought in the beginning but slowly got used to that abaddon.

    During intermediate, even though I got a seat in bus I used to enjoy standing on the last step of foot board. The cool breeze playing with my hair made it ever more thrilling. I didn’t know the value of getting seat then. Now getting a seat in the congested buses gives a sign of relief and makes me feel as if I’m blessed with a great favor when compared to ones who are standing. I prefer a seated journey to a standing journey. If I’m in a hurry to go, I’m forced to go standing. There are a million bus bays, signals, traffic jams in my route to keep a check to the speed of the buses. Above all, the smoke ejected by the vehicles, din of traffic jam makes the journey even more awful.

   Though there are many disgusting things which create irritation, there are a few sweet memories of  my bus journeys as well. In my 1st year of engg I used to have my friends accompanying my journey. It is always fun having friends with you in bus. It was in 2-1 and 2-2 when I wanted to unlearn some fears of mine, started talking to strangers in the bus during my journey instead of sitting idle, making my journey interesting. Soon I got used to travel alone though I din't have any company. It not only made me lose fear to talk to strangers but also transformed me into a person who likes talking to new people and who loves reading people’s mind.
    It is fun watching interesting characters and some times beautiful girls in the bus or bus bays who are of immense shortage in our college:P They add value to my journey as well as to the count of my crushes:D
   As I’m engaged in some new tasks now, during my journey I’m not poking the strangers much in 3-1 but I miss those bus journeys a lot which filled a lot of energies in me.
   Finally, I would like to end this post by expressing my gratitude to the bus drives, conductors and people whom I met in the buses which I boarded for making my bus journey safe, interesting.


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