Sunday, 21 August 2011


       I was a student who had never been away from parents staying in the hostel till my intermediate first year. I used to have a feeling that the students studying in the hostels will have ample time left with them as they need not travel up and down from home to college. In the intermediate second year I got a chance among the so called “peer batch” of my class to stay in hostel. Our principle Baji sir showed us a movie of future and the facilities we are  gonna get in hostel  which consisted of most amusing thing  in the form of results which he was expecting us to get. It made us think of utilizing the opportunity. Some were not interested to grab the opportunity so they dropped. As I used to have some assumptions I was very much excited to experience the hostel life. Although my parents insisted me that I can’t stay in hostel, I some how convinced them to let me go. The batch consisted of Anil, Narasimha, Kishore, vinay@bysani and I.
       The day came where we were told to report. We all reached the hostel at around 6 p.m. in the evening. We were given a separate room on the top floor. The hostel seemed to be empty as every one went to their home town for vacation. We had to eat for the first time on that night. It was not gourmet stuff. Though the college takes thousands of rupees in the name of fee, the quality of food in the hostel is no where in proportion to the fees they take. We got up very early the next day as in the intermediate hostel, the class starts at 6 a.m. in the morning unlike day scholar campus. I usually don’t get up early but out of excitement or as I was with friends, I could manage to get up by 5o’ clock without much ado. We got ready and reached the ground floor to the class and to our surprise no one turned up to the class. We waited outside the class sitting on the chairs for some time and then came to know that there is no college as most of the students did not report yet. None of us had experienced hostel life before so we had no idea that the students who went to their hometowns won’t report on time, regretted ourselves for being punctual:P. We then went to our room blaming our campus principal who made us report early. Although we did not know any one in hostel, many students know us that we are new to the campus. Some used to come to our room and talk to us their views and stories of the hostel.
      The next day I did not get up by myself like the first day. There’s one fellow like an alarm who keeps on knocking the door continuously like the chimes of church bell untill we get up. I went to the class late by 5min to the maths class which was going on in the morning and a few students turned up this day. Maths which used to be most interesting for me became boring as I was drowsy. The students are good at Physics which roused interest in me which never happened with me before.
      Vinay@bysani‘s home was near to the hostel so he used to go home after the study hours in the night and come back in the morning. Narsimha was skeptic right from the beginning whether he can adjust in the hosel which later proved out to be correct. He got fever after two days. This made us discuss every night whether we should continue staying in the hostel. Anil, one among our batch was an entertainer. Without him we would have got bored in the hostel I guess. Kishore was the only person who got adjusted properly. He and his fights with Anil made narsimha and I laugh till our bellies busted. Anil wearing 3/4th pant for the class created hype, made him a popular guy in the hostel. The ice cream which we had in the midnight at around 12 o clock was memorable. The amazing communication between the students of hostel and the ice cream vendor from the class room window was laudable. These all incidents all still fresh in my memory
      We had a lot of fun but having fun was not the purpose at all. Apart from studying we did everything. At last after a week we decided that hostel is not the right place for us, wanted to go back to our old campus. We know that if we inform this to the hostel principal he will try to convince and stop us. More over he is new to us. So we did not want to get struck in the hostel itself by telling truth. Instead we went to him and asked for an outing saying that we were homesick (which was not true at all ;)). We went to home and straight away met our campus principal the following day and told our opinion. He tried convincing us by showing one more movie but we did not believe, became adamant regarding this hostel matter. We knew what we were doing and so he could not persuade us this time. From the next day we continued to sit in our campus. The one week of hostel life was like a tour for us. It made my assumptions go wrong. The decision we took was proved out to be right later on. It makes me feel happy and proud of myself when I recall these incidents. The guts and the maturity we showed in taking decisions without involving the parents anywhere in that age in appreciable. One thing that I liked about that hostel life is having friends along with me.
       Dedicated to the folks narsimha, bysu, anil and kishore. Thank you so much guys for making that week memorable in my life.


  1. Nice post.. U do have fun in hostel! Post their names on facebook and enter the post!

  2. yea sure i will do it..btw thanks a lot!!:)